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David Mitchell’s jour­ney took him back to his Scot­tish roots in the High­lands on his pa­ter­nal side. He trav­elled to the Isle of Skye to learn more about the life of his 2x great grand­fa­ther John Forbes. John was a Gaelic scholar and min­is­ter and David dis­cov­ered more about him through Scot­tish Kirk records. Kirk Ses­sion records are not avail­able on­line but are held at the Na­tional Ar­chives of Scot­land. They are min­utes of the Ses­sion of the Kirk and dis­cussed var­i­ous mat­ters in­clud­ing fam­ily law, education and poor re­lief. The Ses­sion would be held with the min­ster and el­ders of the parish. They in­clude Ses­sions for both the Church of Scot­land and dis­sent­ing Pres­by­te­rian churches and would also dis­cuss the morals of the parish­ioners. It was through this source that David found not only about John help­ing the parish­ioners dur­ing a pe­riod of eco­nomic hard­ship but also a Minute Ses­sion Book also dis­cussed his ob­ses­sion about sex­ual sin. Th­ese records would de­tail all mat­ters dis­cussed in the Kirk Ses­sion in­clud­ing this topic

dis­cussed by John Forbes.

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