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The Wor­ship­ful Com­pany of Wax Chan­dlers

wax­chan­ ori­gins/ in­dex.php In­cludes a his­tory of the liv­ery com­pany, in­for­ma­tion about its ar­chives and an al­pha­bet­i­cal list of ad­mis­sions be­tween 1730 and 1950. Price’s Pa­tent Can­dles prices- can­ his­tory/ his­to­ry­de­tail.asp His­tory of the firm from its foun­da­tion to the present day. Pem­brokeshire Can­dles pem­brokeshire­can­ can­dle-mak­ing.html A gen­eral his­tory of can­dle­mak­ing.

Can­dle­mak­ing in Crick­le­wood

british­ video/ can­dle-mak­ing-2 Free Bri­tish Pathé clip shows work­ers mak­ing tra­di­tional church can­dles by ‘pour­ing’ at Crick­le­wood in 1949.

Can­dle­mak­ing in Bat­tersea An­other clip shows work­ers at Price’s Pa­tent Can­dles fac­tory (1963) spin­ning wicks by ma­chine, and mak­ing can­dles by mould­ing and pour­ing.

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