Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine - - MY ANCESTOR WAS A CANDLEMAKER -

BROACH A rod that held up to 20 can­dles ready for dip­ping CHANDLER A per­son who made, sold or dealt in can­dles – ei­ther wax or tal­low. COM­POS­ITE Can­dles made from two in­gre­di­ents, eg co­conut oil and tal­low.

Stearine night-lights for chil­dren’s nurs­eries. SELF-FIT­TING Can­dles with tapered ends, ready to fit in a can­dle­stick or holder. RUSH-LIGHTS ‘Can­dles’ man­u­fac­tured by re­peat­edly dip­ping dried rushes in fat, ei­ther at home, or in fac­to­ries.

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