Shed­ding some light on an ‘In­dia Bouse’

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I was read­ing the ‘Fo­cus on Poll Books’ fea­ture in the May is­sue of your mag­a­zine and looked down the poll book list on page 61 and saw there was an en­try for “In­dia Bouse”. Any ideas on what sort of job this could be? Google ap­pears to in­di­cate that it is con­nected to The East In­dia Com­pany. Brian Proc­tor, by email Editor replies: Hi Brian, I think I have worked it out. If you look at the other italic ‘b’s in that col­umn you can see that the base rises up to the down­stroke on the left. How­ever, if you look at the ‘h’ in ship­wright and ‘hair dresser’ you will see that it looks very like the ‘b’ in ‘bouse’. So I think the an­swer is that he works at ‘In­dia House’. This would have def­i­nitely been con­nected with the East In­dia Com­pany and trad­ing. Hope that helps!

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