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ar­ re­search/ ge­neal­ogy The ge­neal­ogy re­search sec­tion fea­tures guides, data­bases and other tools. US Cit­i­zen­ship and Im­mi­gra­tion Ser­vices ( USCIS) ge­neal­ogy Learn about and or­der 20th- cen­tury nat­u­ral­i­sa­tion, visa and alien reg­is­tra­tion files. Fam­i­ US Record Col­lec­tions Col­lec­tions iden­ti­fied with a cam­era im­age are browse- only and not search­able. Ances­ – Card Cat­a­logue

search.ances­ CardCat­a­log.aspx Use fil­ters in the left-hand col­umn to ex­plore avail­able records by lo­cal­ity if you have a World­wide sub­scrip­tion. BOOKS The Ev­ery­thing Guide to On­line Ge­neal­ogy, 3rd edi­tion, by Kim­berly Pow­ell (Adams Me­dia, 2014). The Re­searcher’s Guide to Amer­i­can Ge­neal­ogy, 3rd edi­tion, by Val D Green­wood (Ge­nealog­i­cal Pub­lish­ing Co, 2013). The Source: A Guide­book of Amer­i­can Ge­neal­ogy, 3rd edi­tion, edited by Loretto Szucs and San­dra Lue­bking, (Ances­try, 2006). *See also the se­cond edi­tion free on­line at an­cstry. me/1BO5v5A

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