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Bed­ford­shire 1903

Nor­mally cost­ing £10, this is a search­able and fully book­marked PDF edi­tion of Kelly’s Direc­tory of Bed­ford­shire. Un­usu­ally, the map pub­lished with the direc­tory sur­vives and is in­cluded.

Catholic Mis­cel­lany

As a spe­cial bonus this month, we also have the 595-page source The Catholic Record So­ci­ety’s Mis­cel­lanea V, nor­mally cost­ing £14 from An­gu­line Re­search Ar­chives.

1939 Direc­tory of Lu­ton

This vol­ume in­cludes lo­cal in­for­ma­tion and a street direc­tory be­fore an al­pha­bet­i­cal list of res­i­dents, a trades and pro­fes­sions sec­tion, plus a guide and in­dex to Lu­ton streets. Nor­mally priced £11 from My His­tory.

Bed­ford­shire & Lu­ton Ar­chives & Records Ser­vice

A se­lec­tion of sam­ple ma­te­rial from the main county ar­chives col­lec­tions.

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