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The full bell-shaped skirts of the women are the most no­tice­able fea­ture of fash­ions at this date. They were shaped with pet­ti­coats, the crino­line hoop not in­tro­duced un­til later in the decade. Bodices were tight-fit­ting and hair sleek and Oval- brimmed bon­nets or caps for in­side wear were the most com­mon head­wear for women and fi­fit­ted closely over the middle- parted hair, pulled neatly into a chignon at the back. smooth. The frock coat, which was worn as part of a slim-fit­ting three-piece suit, was usual for men, and side-whiskers were a pop­u­lar mas­cu­line hair­style. This fash­ion­able lady wears a red man­tle, a gar­ment half­way be­tween a coat and cloak, like a loose- fi­fi­fi­fi­fi­fi­fi­fit­ting wrap, with wide sleeves. The man­tle or shawl was ideal to fi­fi­fi­fit over full skirts. Gaiters were worn to pro­tect the lower legs and cloth­ing when work­ing. Breeches or leggings were some­times more prac­ti­cal for agri­cul­tural work and so still used, al­though trousers were gen­er­ally worn by men.

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