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A year-and-a-half ago, I re­ceived a mes­sage via Ances­try say­ing that a friend of a mem­ber of the web­site had found a ring that was en­graved with the name Charles Weight. The mem­ber had made a search on Ances­try for any­one with that name and my tree came up

My hus­band’s great great grand­mother had a brother called Charles Weight who was a prin­ter. I emailed the man who’d con­tacted me about the ring and he told me he’d found it about 10 years ago in Burnie, Tas­ma­nia, Aus­tralia. It was in a trin­ket box on top of a wardrobe in a house that he was stay­ing in while work­ing as a mis­sion­ary. It was a small ring and fairly well-worn. It was en­graved with the words “Charles Weight, Died March 16, 1866”.

He said he didn’t think it had any mon­e­tary value but thought it would be great if he could pass it on to a rel­a­tive. From my fam­ily re­search, I knew that Charles Weight had died on 16 March 1866 and one of his daugh­ters, Ann Pear­son, had gone to live in Tas­ma­nia.

The man who found the ring lived in the United States and had taken it home with him hop­ing to find its right­ful owner. When it seemed pretty cer­tain that this was our Charles Weight, he kindly posted it to me here in the UK. I found the ring fas­ci­nat­ing but re­ally wanted to give it to a di­rect de­scen­dant of Charles. It was a Vic­to­rian mourn­ing ring and al­most cer­tainly be­longed to a lady called Ann Pear­son.

A few weeks ago, I no­ticed on Ances­try that a lady had up­loaded one of my pho­to­graphs and at­tached it to a Weight fam­ily tree. Af­ter get­ting in touch withh her it seems th his lady was Cha rles Weight’s greatat great grand­daugh­ter – a more di­rect de­scen­dent – who went from Wind­sor to live in Tas­ma­nia. I now hope to re­turn the ring to her. The ring there­fore trav­elled from Wind­sor around the world to Tas­ma­nia, back to the United States, then on to Not­ting­ham. Fi­nally, 149 years later, it will re­turn again to the de­scen­dent of the ring’s right­ful owner in Tas­ma­nia again! Ur­sula Ox­ley, by email Editor replies: What a won­der­ful story, and a well-trav­elled ring! We’ve had many tales over the years about how fam­ily heir­looms have been re­stored to their right­ful own­ers with help from on­line fam­ily trees. Not so long ago I nar­rowly missed out on a fam­ily bi­ble that be­longed to my 3x great un­cle some­one had traced to me via the in­ter­net. A big thank you to all the al­tru­is­tic peo­ple like you out there. En­joy your well- earned

free mem­ber­ship to The­Ge­neal­o­gist!

Left:L Ann Pear­son­Pearso with her herh hus­band JohnJoh and fam­ily;f ; Above: the ring Ur­su­laU was sent; Top: thet fam­ily home in Burnie,B Tas­ma­nia

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