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AL­BERT A long gold chain which se­curely linked the pocket watch to the waistcoat was named af­ter Prince Al­bert, Queen Vic­to­ria’s con­sort. FULL HUNTER POCKET WATCH A Full Hunter pocket watch had a cover, of­ten gold and elab­o­rately en­graved, over the watch face. It had to be opened to tell the time. HALF HUNTER POCKET WATCH This in­cluded a hole or pane of glass or crys­tal en­abling the owner to more eas­ily read the time. It be­came more pop­u­lar in the 19th cen­tury than the fid­dly Full Hunter. LEVER ES­CAPE­MENT The es­cape­ment is the de­vice in me­chan­i­cal The mech­a­nism in­side the watch. Made of cogs, wheels, gears, es­cape­ment and an os­cil­la­tor (a pen­du­lum or bal­ance wheel swing­ing back­wards and for­wards to keep the time). QUARTZ CLOCK/ WATCH Sim­plis­ti­cally speak­ing, a clock or watch which uses a quartz crys­tal to reg­u­late the os­cil­la­tion. The first quartz clock was built in 1927. Seiko pro­duced the first com­mer­cial quartz wrist­watch in 1969.

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