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Mark’s O’Kane an­ces­tors were forced off the lan nd dur­ing the Plan­ta­tion of Ul­ster, an at­tempt to colonise the prov­ince fol­low­ing the Nine Years War (1593-1603), the Flight of the Earls (1607) and a brief re­bel­lion by Cahir O’Do­herty (1608). Al­though th­ese events con­sol­i­dated English con­trol in Ire­land, a colonisi­a­tion pol­icy was pur­sued by James I as a way to pre­vent fu­ture re­bel­lion, re­form the Gaelic pop­u­la­tion and im­pose Protes­tant dom­i­nance.

Al­though not the first Crown plan­ta­tion in Ire­land, the Plan­ta­tion of Ul­ster was the most suc­cess­ful. In 1608, land in the coun­ties of Ar­magh, Ca­van, Done­gal, Fer­managh, Col­eraine e and Ty­rone, con­fis­cated from Gaelic fam­i­lies, wa as re­dis­tributed to ‘un­der­tak­ers’, ‘servi­tors’ and ‘na atives’. Un­der­tak­ers were so named be­cause they unde er­took to for­tify and set­tle their prop­erty with ten­ants from theirh i English or Scot­tish es­tates. Servi­tors were granted land as pay­ment for ser­vice to the Crown, and na­tive landown­ers were loyal Gaelic and An­glo- Nor­man fam­i­lies.

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