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This aris­to­cratic Scot­tish fam­ily show off fash­ion­able cloth­ing for out­door ac­tiv­i­ties. This was plainer than cloth­ing oth­er­wise worn and the women’s dress shows mas­cu­line in­flu­ences from the rid­ing jacket to the round hat. Gen­er­ally, ladies’ hair was The woman’s jacket and man’s coat fol­low the same line, slop­ing away from the front to the sides. worn frizzed at the sides, pow­dered, and with ringlets to the shoul­ders. Large hats and bon­nets were pop­u­lar. Men’s hair was also curled and pow­dered. Women wore pad­ding over the hips, giv­ing skirts a ‘bounce’ ef­fect when they moved. Male fash­ions tended to favour dark or sober colours, tak­ing their in­flflflflflflflflflu­ence from the coun­try­side. The younger boys wear ‘skeleton suits’, match­ing trousers and a jacket of­ten joined to­gether with but­tons, one of the fi­fi­fi­fi­fi­fi­fi­fi­fi­fi­fi­fi­fi­fi­fi­fi­fi­fi­fifi rst pieces of prac­ti­cal chil­dren’s wear.

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