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I’ ’m writ­ing in about the de­ci­sion by An­ces­tryA re­gard­ing Fam­ily Tree Maker.M At the mo­ment my tree is s on Ances­try, and is pri­vate be­causeb of some of the in nfor­ma­tion it con­tains.

With time on my hands at the mo­ment,m I had in­tended to spend th he next three months trans­fer­ring mym per­sonal tree to Fam­ily Tree Maker,M leav­ing a skeleton tree on Ances­try,A which I was then happy to o make pub­lic. Ances­try, with its an­nounce­ment,a has now sc cup­pered that idea!

I, to­gether with I sus­pect manym other reg­u­lars, am not com­puter lit­er­ate in the tech­ni­cal sense. I am now com­pletely at a loss as to which re­source to use, which will work best on my cur­rent lap­top, and which will eas­ily trans­fer if I de­cide to change my sys­tem.

I won­der if per­haps it may be pos­si­ble to host on the Fo­rum a se­ries de­voted solely to com­pa­nies such as Legacy, Fam­ily His­to­rian 6, etc, which would al­low us to ask the tech­ni­cal ques­tions we need to be­fore mak­ing de­ci­sions? Sally Meek, by email

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