A miss­ing fam­ily bi­ble page has left a gap in my tree

We help Bar­bara in­ter­pret the Crown­field/Mile­ham/Kit­ton se­crets held in her fam­ily bi­ble

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QI have a fam­ily bi­ble in the back of which is an en­try for Henry Crown­field, born 8 Septem­ber 1699 in Nor­wich. His daugh­ter, Martha, born 9 Fe­bru­ary 1746, mar­ried Ben­jamin Mile­ham, born 23 Oc­to­ber 1745 also in Nor­wich. Ben­jamin died in Oc­to­ber 1823 leav­ing two sons and three or four daugh­ters. A page from the bi­ble is miss­ing and I am try­ing to find out the con­nec­tion be­tween the above and the fol­low­ing.

John Kit­ton, born in Nor­wich ( date un­cer­tain) mar­ried Mary Cariss New­son on 10 April 1846. His fa­ther was also called John Kit­ton. They had a daugh­ter, Ellen Mary, born 5 Fe­bru­ary 1847. She mar­ried James Smyth on 14 Septem­ber 1870. Ellen and James were my great grand­par­ents.

One of the John Kit­tons was ex­ecu­tor of Ben­jamin Mile­ham’s will in 1823; and one of Ellen’s sons was given Mile­ham as a se­cond name. There was a mar­riage be­tween Eleanor Mile­ham and a Sa­muel Kit­ton, but they only had one son, Fred­er­ick, who does not fig­ure in my known fam­ily. Bar­bara Lil­ley, by email

AAs the en­tries you have quoted come from a fam­ily bi­ble, the im­me­di­ate ques­tion is whether they were writ­ten con­tem­po­ra­ne­ously, or wholly or in part at a later date. If it was the lat­ter, then there is the pos­si­bil­ity that the mem­ory of the com­piler may have been faulty and some fam­ily mem­bers may have been missed out or the de­tails en­tered in­cor­rectly. There­fore it is sen­si­ble to check the en­tries you have against the reg­is­ters of the par­ish of Nor­wich St An­drew, and per­haps other Nor­wich parishes too.

Ben­jamin Mile­ham was mar­ried to Martha Crown­field, on 29 April 1771 at South Wal­sham, St Lawrence and St Mary, by the rec­tor Henry Crown­field. This Henry is pos­si­bly Martha’s fa­ther and the first named en­try in your bi­ble.

Both Fam­il­y­Search and An­ces­try have de­tails of the bap­tisms of the chil­dren of Ben­jamin and Martha, all at Nor­wich St An­drew. These en­tries are taken from sev­eral dif­fer­ent sources, in­clud­ing Bishop’s Tran­scripts, Archdea­con’s Tran­scripts and orig­i­nal par­ish reg­is­ters. The sur­name has var­i­ously been tran­scribed as Mile­ham, Mil­sham, Mitcham, Milcham and Male­ham. There were 12 chil­dren in all: • Henry Crown­field, bap­tised 20

Feb 1772, born 19 Feb 1772 • Wil­liam Cor­nelius, bap­tised 22

Jul 1773, born 20 Jul 1773 • Charles, bap­tised 22 Jan 1775,

born 21 Jan 1775 • Henry, bap­tised 5 Apr 1776,

born 5 Apr 1776 • Allen, bap­tised 23 Nov 1777,

born 16 Nov 1777 • Ben­jamin, bap­tised 17 Mar

1779, born 10 Mar 1779 • Lucy, bap­tised 10 Nov 1780,

born 9 Nov 1780 • Arthur, bap­tised 4 Nov 1781,

born 31 Oct 1781 • Martha, bap­tised 8 Dec 1782,

born 5 Dec 1782 • Ly­dia, bap­tised 7 Dec 1783,

born 3 Dec 1783 • Maria, bap­tised 2 Jan 1785,

born 1 Jan 1785 • Eleanor, bap­tised 8 Mar 1789,

born 2 Mar 1789 Two of the daugh­ters of Ben­jamin and Martha, Eleanor and Lucy, mar­ried a Kit­ton. Eleanor mar­ried Sa­muel Kit­ton, by li­cence, on 28 Novem­ber 1825 at Nor­wich St Peter Man­croft. Lucy mar­ried John Kit­ton on 5 June 1814 at Nor­wich St He­len. Both Kit­ton fam­i­lies are enu­mer­ated in the 1841 and 1851 cen­sus re­turns, and Sa­muel and Eleanor in the 1861 as well. The ages and places of birth of Eleanor and Lucy con­firm that they are the chil­dren of Ben­jamin and Martha.

These cen­sus re­turns show that Sa­muel and Eleanor had two chil­dren, both born in Cam­bridge: Fred­er­ick (born about 1826) and Emma (about 1829). John and Lucy also had two chil­dren named in the cen­sus re­turns: Martha (born about 1825) in 1841; and Lucy (about 1815 in Sher­ing­ham) in 1851. In 1841, Lucy’s sis­ter, Maria Mile­ham, was liv­ing with the fam­ily, which once more con­firms this is the cor­rect one.

Again us­ing Fam­il­y­Search and An­ces­try, five chil­dren of John and Lucy Kit­ton were found bap­tised in Sher­ing­ham: • Lucy, bap­tised 30 Jun 1815 • Martha Crown­field, bap­tised

10 Jul 1816 • John, bap­tised 7 May 1818 • Anna Maria, bap­tised 12 Feb

1820 • Mary El­iz­a­beth, bap­tised 9 Oct 1821

Turn­ing to your own an­ces­tor, John Kit­ton, fa­ther of Ellen Mary, it was known that he mar­ried Mary New­son in 1846 and that Ellen was born in 1847. The fam­ily should there­fore be found in the 1851 and later cen­sus re­turns. In 1851 and 1861 John Kit­ton and his fam­ily were found liv­ing in Mag­dalen Street, St Saviour, Nor­wich. John, a gro­cer, was stated to be aged 33 and 42, so he was there­fore born about 1817-1819 in Sher­ing­ham, Nor­folk. Un­ques­tion­ably he is the John Kit­ton who was bap­tised there on 7 May 1818, the son of John and Lucy (for­merly Mile­ham) Kit­ton.

It is prob­a­ble that John and Sa­muel were broth­ers and chil­dren of Robert and Anna Maria Kit­ton. John was bap­tised at Nor­wich St Peter Man­croft on 13 Septem­ber 1785; and Sa­muel was bap­tised at Diss on 7 June 1793.

As was cus­tom­ary, the fam­ily bi­ble would have been nat­u­rally passed to Lucy as the el­dest daugh­ter of Ben­jamin and Martha Mile­ham, and so through the fam­ily to your­self. Paul Blake

Bar­bara was stumped by a miss­ing page in her fam­ily bi­ble

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