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Use Sto­ry­glory to share au­dio memories on­line

1 Add first photo

Open Sto­ry­glory, then tap ‘Se­lect a photo and cre­ate a story’. Sto­ry­glory will re­quest ac­cess to your phone’s cam­era, al­low­ing you to take a snap of an ex­ist­ing photo or, if you pre­fer, to se­lect one that’s in your iPhone or iPad photo li­brary.

2 Take a snap

In most cases you’ll want to take a digital snap of a pa­per photo in front of you. Care­fully line up the photo in your cam­era lens – try to crop in to elim­i­nate any bor­ders. Tap to take the photo fol­lowed by ‘Change photo’ if it’s not per­fect, or ‘Looks good’ when it is.

3 Pre­pare to speak

A mi­cro­phone icon ap­pears at the bot­tom, com­plete with some ideas for your record­ing. Tap ‘Help! I’m scared of record­ing’ for some ex­tra tips and a re­minder you can redo your record­ing as of­ten as you like. Tap the mi­cro­phone icon fol­lowed by ‘Al­low’ when prompted.

4 Record your mem­ory

Af­ter a short vis­ual count­down, it’s time to speak. Don’t put your­self un­der pres­sure – when you’re done, tap the red but­ton. Your record­ing will be up­loaded. Tap ‘Pre­view’ to lis­ten to it again – Sto­ry­glory will gen­er­ate a movie and then play your voice over the photo.

5 Re-record – or move on

Use the play­back con­trols to lis­ten to your record­ing. Tap ‘Done’ when you’ve heard enough, then ei­ther tap ‘Redo’ to re-record it, or ‘Next’ to move on. Tap the pen­cil but­ton next to your name to change it to the per­son speak­ing if nec­es­sary, then tap ‘Up­date’.

6 Add more el­e­ments

From here, tap ‘X’ fol­lowed by ‘Home’ to fin­ish, or ‘Add’ to add a com­ple­men­tary photo or record an­other voice (or your own ad­di­tional memories). Photos can be taken us­ing your cam­era or in­serted from your iPhone’s photo li­brary if you’ve pre­vi­ously snapped them.

7 Share or down­load

Tap the ‘Share’ but­ton to share your story with oth­ers. Se­lect a fam­ily mem­ber from your Con­tacts, and an email will be gen­er­ated with a web link to your story. You can cus­tomise the sub­ject and greet­ing – tap ‘Send’ when you’re done to email them.

8 Man­age sto­ries

Af­ter tap­ping ‘Home’ you’ll be re­turned to the main Sto­ry­glory screen where you can add new sto­ries as well as ac­cess your ex­ist­ing sto­ries to edit, share or – if you up­grade (see the Top Tip box, fac­ing page) – down­load your movie to your iPhone or iPad for off­line ac­cess.

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