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Eas­ily cre­ate your fam­ily mem­oir

1 Get­ting started

Launch the pro­gram and cre­ate a new file when prompted. First se­lect who the story will be about – en­ter their name, choose where to save the file and click ‘Cre­ate File’. Next, se­lect ‘Im­port Ge­neal­ogy’ to bring across your re­search from an­other pro­gram, in­clud­ing GEDCOM files.

2 Im­port notes

Af­ter choos­ing your file, pick which per­son you want to im­port along with se­lected rel­a­tives and events to in­clude. Se­lect fur­ther op­tions – whether to im­port pic­tures and me­dia, for ex­am­ple – and click ‘Im­port’. You can also choose to in­clude ‘LifeCap­sules’: re­lated his­tor­i­cal events.

3 Or­gan­ise ex­ist­ing sto­ries

Your story frame­work will be built from the events you se­lected from the lives of your cho­sen in­di­vid­ual and se­lected fam­ily mem­bers. If you picked LifeCap­sules, these will be dis­played for con­text. Ctrl-click (Shiftclick on a Mac) any ir­rel­e­vant sto­ries and click the ‘Delete’ but­ton.

4 Write sto­ries

Dou­ble-click a story to open the edit­ing win­dow. Type your story into the main win­dow, as if us­ing a word pro­ces­sor. You can add pic­tures here too; click on the pic­ture to re­size it us­ing its drag han­dles, or right-click (Ctrl-click on a Mac) to change its align­ment on the page.

5 More handy tools

The Or­ga­nizer pane on the left lets you quickly record notes (and re­lated ‘sub-notes’) to help your writ­ing. You can also edit the story’s ti­tle and date. Use the ‘Sta­tus’ drop-down on the right to record your progress. Click ‘Cat­e­gories’ to tag the story, and click ‘Save’ when you’re done.

6 Fil­tered views

Cat­e­gories help you fil­ter sto­ries, both in the main view and when choos­ing which sto­ries to in­clude in your mem­oir. Add cat­e­gories via the ‘Sto­ries > Cat­e­gories’ menu. You can also cre­ate fil­ters for the main view with the ‘Fil­ter’ but­ton. The story list will up­date af­ter click­ing ‘OK’.

7 Cre­ate your book

Your sto­ries will even­tu­ally be brought to­gether in a book – se­lect ‘Pub­lish > New Book’ to get started. En­ter the de­tails – ti­tle, author and so on – and click ‘Next’. Choose which spe­cial sec­tions (eg a Ta­ble of Con­tents) you want, and click ‘Next’ to se­lect which sto­ries to in­clude.

8 Fin­ish­ing touches

Af­ter se­lect­ing your sto­ries, choose how to group them in the book (by cat­e­gory, age/date or to­gether in a sin­gle chap­ter). Then use the tools to tweak the book’s look and edit pre­vi­ous choices. Click ‘Close’ and save to re­turn to it later, or ‘Pub­lish Book’ to pre­view and print it.

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