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Pro­fes­sional reg­is­ters and di­rec­to­ries usu­ally in­clude ad­dress de­tails as well as ed­u­ca­tional at­tain­ments, which may lead to fur­ther records. Also, be­cause they were of­ten pub­lished ev­ery year or two, they can be used to track your an­ces­tor’s move­ments.

Ances­try, in part­ner­ship with the Well­come Li­brary, has a large col­lec­tion for the med­i­cal and al­lied pro­fes­sions, with reg­is­ters go­ing up to 1959 ( The web­site

fam­i­lyrel­a­ also has a se­lec­tion of med­i­cal di­rec­to­ries (in­clud­ing a roll of mid­wives

from 1920 at You can search reg­is­ters of den­tists at the Bri­tish Den­tal Mu­seum in Lon­don, or re­quest a lookup (­seum/en­quiries/was-your

an­ces­tor-a-den­tist). Mean­while Crock­ford’s Cler­i­cal Di­rec­tory lists church­men and can be found on­line cov­er­ing 1908 and 1932 on Ances­try, 1921 and 1922 on Fam­i­lyrel­a­tives and 1929 on The­Ge­neal­o­gist – other years may be avail­able at li­braries and ar­chives. Fi­nally Ances­try has pro­fes­sional lists of en­gi­neers go­ing up to 1930.

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