What Does Soundex Mean?

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‘Soundex’ is a pho­netic cod­ing sys­tem, or al­go­rithm, that in­dexes names by sound. A Soundex search en­ables you to search for a name as it is pro­nounced, rather than how it is spelled – so the search re­sults will in­clude al­ter­na­tive per­mu­ta­tions of a name, and not just a par­tic­u­lar spell­ing of it.

The ad­van­tages for ge­nealog­i­cal searches are ob­vi­ous – it means that if you search for Smith, but an in­dex has spelled the name as Smyth, a Soundex search will re­turn re­sults for both vari­a­tions.

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