17. Move win­dows be­tween vir­tual desk­tops

Windows Advisor - - Feature -

Vir­tual desk­tops let you seg­re­gate your open apps into dis­crete ar­eas. Switch­ing be­tween open vir­tual desk­tops is easy us­ing Task View or Win­dows key + Tab, while Alt + Tab jumps you be­tween open apps across all desk­tops. There’s also a way to shift an open app from one vir­tual desk­top to another if you’d like to shuf­fle things around.

Head to the vir­tual desk­top hous­ing the app you’d like to move, then open the Task View in­ter­face. Clickand-hold on the app, then drag it to the de­sired vir­tual desk­top at the bot­tom of the screen. You can also drag it to the +New Desk­top op­tion in the lower-right cor­ner to cre­ate a new vir­tual desk­top for the app.

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