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Ihave a col­league I’m friendly with who re­cently got mar­ried. She in­vited me and my hus­band to the wed­ding and I thought her groom was nice, but no­ticed he got a bit drunk. Noth­ing un­usual about that, but since then she has men­tioned many times that he’s missed work be­cause of feel­ing hun­gover. We met up with them and other friends for a meal last week and he was so drunk we had to help them home. She was em­bar­rassed, but from what she said, it was clear this was par for the course. She jokes about it, but I’m not sure whether I should say some­thing.

Suzie says:

You can’t be sure what is go­ing on but it does seem more than pos­si­ble that her hus­band has a drink­ing prob­lem. That doesn’t mean you have ei­ther the re­spon­si­bil­ity or the right to in­ter­vene. If you were a friend you might be able to risk of­fer­ing an opin­ion and ad­vice, when she could take it or leave it. But as a col­league you have to con­tinue work­ing to­gether. I would make one at­tempt. Next time she brings up the sub­ject, gen­tly sug­gest she checks out the Drink Aware web­site (drinkaware.co.uk) and then back off.

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