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Su­sanna Reid may be sin­gle, but that doesn’t mean she’s about to start try­ing on­line dat­ing...

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Su­sanna Reid has been on our screens for more than two decades, from BBC Break­fast to Good

Morn­ing Bri­tain. She’s also shown off her twin­kle toes on

Strictly Come Danc­ing, reach­ing the fi­nal in 2013 with pro dancer Kevin Clifton. now, the 46-yearold pre­sen­ter, who has three sons with ex-part­ner Do­minic Cot­ton, is step­ping off the Good Morn­ing Bri­tain sofa to front new show

Save Money: Good Food. Here, Su­sanna tells us about her love of a cheeky take­away, go­ing on the lash with ‘TV hus­band’ Piers mor­gan and why Twit­ter dat­ing isn’t on her to-do list...

'There is a lot of warmth in my re­la­tion­ship with Piers. Our edi­tor calls us Jack and Vera, like the Duck­worths on Cor­rie. We are like an old mar­ried cou­ple, de­spite the fact that he’s ob­vi­ously al­ready mar­ried! I think it’s a unique part­ner­ship. It isn’t the same as any other part­ner­ship I’ve been in, but there’s a lot of mu­tual re­spect and we are gen­uinely friends. I thor­oughly en­joy it, and I think Piers does as well.’

‘Piers and I have had two leg­endary nights out. On one of them we went to the Grou­cho Club in London. He’s ab­so­lutely ob­sessed with very good qual­ity red wine. I tried it, but I do not get it with red wine, so of course he had to or­der a whole sep­a­rate bot­tle for me. When you’re both on a sep­a­rate bot­tle of wine… But I al­ways keep it en­tirely pro­fes­sional, and we had a very en­joy­able evening. The other time was when we were in New York af­ter Don­ald Trump was elected. It ob­vi­ously re­quired a gath­er­ing of peo­ple to re­flect on this his­toric mo­ment.’

‘Strictly Come Danc­ing is a pretty ex­tra­or­di­nary ex­pe­ri­ence. You do gen­uinely feel like you’ve been on a planet made of glit­ter, where you’re just in­hal­ing star­dust for four months. You’re work­ing out non-stop, do­ing some­thing amaz­ing, which makes you feel so good. And you’re part of a team and with a part­ner, all in this in­cred­i­ble thing, all en­joy­ing it to­gether, and then ‘whoof ’, in De­cem­ber it all ex­plodes and sort of dis­ap­pears. When you look back on it and think, ‘What was that ex­pe­ri­ence I had?’ It’s like a dis­tant dream. It’s life-chang­ing – but life’s com­pletely back to nor­mal now.’

‘I haven’t kept up the danc­ing, the most I’ll ever do is Zumba. Strictly doesn’t turn you into a pro­fes­sional dancer. The Zumba teacher looks over and I’m the slightly un­co­or­di­nated one at the back! It’s all lost. Some­body said about Strictly that it doesn’t teach you to dance, it teaches you a se­ries of dances. It makes you into a dancer for that pe­riod of time, but I’m a no bet­ter dancer now than I was be­fore I started. Ex­cept I think I could still do my paso doble at the drop of a hat. It’s still in my mus­cle mem­ory.’

‘at week­ends I try to have a lie-in, but of course with chil­dren you don’t of­ten get one. Week­ends are gen­er­ally just lovely, chilled fam­ily time. Although I’m start­ing to un­der­stand how par­ents who com­plain about be­ing a taxi ser­vice feel. My chil­dren have just got to that age where on a Sat­ur­day night you’re picking up some­one from some­where to drop some­one else off some­where else hav­ing just spent the day try­ing to co­or­di­nate foot­ball and rugby and all the rest of it. But it’s all about lovely fam­ily time at the week­end.’

‘Screens are banned over din­ner at home. I try to stay off my phone, but I’m as ad­dicted as any­body. I think so­cial me­dia is a kind of ad­dic­tion. We dis­ap­pear down a rab­bit hole and some­times look up and think, ‘Wow, where did that hour go?’ It’s re­ally great to en­gage with view­ers on Twit­ter. On the other hand I hate the trolling and how it can waste your time be­cause you’re us­ing it as a dis­trac­tion from the bills you need to be look­ing at, or the ad­min you should be do­ing. I also don’t like the way it dis­con­nects you from other peo­ple in the room. I don’t know what kind of a role model I am to my sons, es­pe­cially when I’m stuck on my phone and they’re say­ing, ‘Get off Twit­ter! Where’s the tea?’ [laughs] But they’ve got two strong, lov­ing par­ents who still re­spect each other and are great friends. So hope­fully they’re do­ing all right.’

‘when peo­ple say nice things on Twit­ter, you can only feel flat­tered by it. Would I go on a date with some­one I met on Twit­ter? Never! It’s not some­thing I’m even con­sid­er­ing!’

‘Strictly is like in­hal­ing star­dust for four months’

'I’ve got into a re­ally good rou­tine on Good Morn­ing Bri­tain where I am quite care­ful about what I eat. The dan­ger with get­ting up re­ally early and get­ting very tired dur­ing the day is that you tend to snack all day. I def­i­nitely have been guilty of that, so I just try to eat sen­si­bly. I have ap­ple and peanut but­ter dur­ing the pro­gramme – a big bowl of it is just un­der the desk. Some­times it makes an ap­pear­ance on air by ac­ci­dent. Then I have rye toast and av­o­cado and egg when I get home. The dan­ger zone is 3pm, mid-af­ter­noon just be­fore the kids come home and the bis­cuit tin is call­ing to me, so that’s the thing I have to say no to. I’m a kind of bis­cuitaholic, as once I eat one bis­cuit it tends to be that the whole bis­cuit pack is gone.’

'my guilty plea­sure is eat­ing take­away Chi­nese food the next morn­ing. I’m ab­so­lutely con­vinced there’s some­thing in Chi­nese food that makes it taste even more de­li­cious the morn­ing af­ter from the fridge! I won’t even heat it up, I’ll eat it cold from the box. My boys’ favourite food is steak. They like a big piece of meat! I don’t cook steak very well, so I don’t do it very of­ten. Their favourite thing is when I get a take­away from each of their favourite take­aways. I’ve learnt a lot from Save Money: Good Food about how to shop bet­ter. I run the fridge down so I don’t do a shop a week, I do it ev­ery fort­night. I will lit­er­ally get to the back of the fridge so it will be prac­ti­cally empty, and my chal­lenge is once I can no longer cook a meal from what­ever is left in the fridge, then I’ll do the shop­ping. I’m pretty good about us­ing left­overs. But I def­i­nitely still spend money on take­aways!’

Save Money: Good Food airs Tues­days at 7.30pm, ITV

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