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Post-hol­i­day weight-loss plan

✱ Get Back into a rou­tine. this means eat­ing three square meals a day, not graz­ing all day. ✱ eat fresh, qual­ity food. cut out all pro­cessed foods and ready meals. they might be con­ve­nient, but they’re full of ad­di­tives, chem­i­cals and sug­ars. ✱ eat Large amounts of veg­eta­bles. make each meal around 70% veg­eta­bles (this will also pro­vide you with healthy carbs) and around 30% goodqual­ity pro­tein – eg, chicken, fish, chick­peas, beans, tofu, etc. use healthy fats, in­clud­ing olive oil, co­conut oil, nuts, seeds, av­o­cado and oc­ca­sion­ally a tiny bit of but­ter. drink plenty of wa­ter through­out the day. ✱ cut Down on stim­u­lants such as cof­fee and al­co­hol. ✱ Don’t snack Be­tween meals. Lat­est re­search shows that fast­ing be­tween meals al­lows the body to burn more calo­ries and speeds up weight loss. ✱ re­plen­ish Lost nu­tri­ents. take a daily mul­ti­vi­ta­min. also, tak­ing a vi­ta­min c sup­ple­ment that con­tains added an­tiox­i­dants will help to re­pair any hol­i­day sun dam­age. try Bio­care adult mul­ti­vi­ta­mins & min­er­als, £11.95 for 30, and Bio­care Bio-an­tiox­i­dant 2000, £17.45 for 30. ✱ Look af­ter your Gut. er­ratic eat­ing and hol­i­day tummy bugs can throw gut bac­te­ria out of bal­ance, but you need plenty of good bac­te­ria to lose weight more ef­fec­tively. try Bio­care Bioaci­dophilus (a pro­bi­otic), £23.95 for 60 cap­sules.

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