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my part­ner and I both have pic­tures of our exes – I’m not wor­ried about that. But do­ing a clear-out I found a whole box full of pho­tos of naked women and he ad­mit­ted they were of women from his past. I freaked out and said it made me feel aw­ful. But he just laughed and said he had no in­ten­tion of throw­ing them away. He also said if he did, what would be next – his old wed­ding pho­tos, his pic­tures of him at grad­u­a­tion with his then girl­friend? and that I was prud­ish and un­rea­son­able. am I?

Suzie says:

I don’t think so. Pic­tures of his wed­ding day or grad­u­a­tion are parts of his past – records of im­por­tant rites of pas­sage that make him the man he is to­day. There is no way you can equate those with naked pic­tures of ran­dom women. Quite apart from be­ing, frankly, creepy and pos­si­bly il­le­gal – does he have their ex­press con­sent to have kept those im­ages? It’s his re­fusal to ac­knowl­edge and take on board your dis­tress that wor­ries me. I have a strict rule about re­la­tion­ships – if one party can­not and will not lis­ten to a part­ner’s un­hap­pi­ness and re­fuses to change the be­hav­iour that causes that un­hap­pi­ness, it isn’t a re­la­tion­ship. Far from ask­ing him to throw away the pics, you should be throw­ing him away. Now.

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