Will I sound like I’m flirt­ing?

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Last week, at a work meet­ing I no­ticed there was some­one there I’ve been friendly with. I’ll be see­ing him again in a few weeks but I have a dilemma. all the time I’ve known him he’s been ex­tremely over­weight, but last week I had to do a dou­ble-take be­cause he’s lost at least 6st. He looks great! If this was a wo­man and I said how good she looked she’d be thrilled. But would he think it was flirt­ing?

Suzie says:

Men are peo­ple too. We all want to be no­ticed and af­firmed, es­pe­cially to be told we look good. Un­less his weight loss is from se­ri­ous ill­ness, I would think los­ing that much weight was due to lots of hard work and fo­cus. So the very least he’d want is for peo­ple to no­tice, to tell him he’s look­ing great, to en­cour­age him in his very healthy en­deav­ours. And no, a sim­ple ‘Wow – you look so well! Lost weight? Bravo!’ would in no way be seen as a come-on and prob­a­bly light up his day. Go on – he’s earned it.

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