so how much do you need?

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UK adults RDI of pro­tein is 0.75g for each kilo­gram you weigh (roughly trans­lated as 45g for women/60kg and 60g for men/80kg). as you get older you lose mus­cle mass and strength, so it’s key you hit your RDI tar­gets to man­age or pre­vent this hap­pen­ing. Here’s how…

YOUR PRO­TEIN POWER HITS 100g greek yo­ghurt = 5g* 1 egg = 6g 1/2 can tuna = 20g 1 medium chicken breast = 53g 1 medium sir­loin steak = 62g

VEG­ETABLE PRO­TEIN SOURCES 180g serv­ing quinoa = 8.8g 1/2 pot (150g) hou­mous = 9.5g 100g lentils = 11g 1/2 can kid­ney beans = 15.4g 100g sun­flower seeds = 19.8g

*amount of pro­tein in each por­tion

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