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Boy­zlife singer Brian Mc­fad­den chats about his per­fect Christ­mas Day, his new band, and re­veals he once tried Bo­tox

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Brian Mc­fad­den

It’s hard to be­lieve it’s been nearly two decades since Brian Mc­fad­den shot to fame in Ir­ish boy band Westlife. But while par­ty­ing was the or­der of the day back then, Brian’s more likely to be car­ried away by his pas­sion for golf these days. and he ad­mits he’ll even be out play­ing on Christ­mas Day! after quit­ting Westlife in 2004, Brian en­joyed a solo ca­reer, as well as branch­ing out into TV. He spent three years as a judge on Aus­tralia’s Got Tal­ent and also took part in 2016’s

The Jump. now he’s re­turned to his first love, join­ing forces with Boy­zone singer Keith Duffy to form Boy­zlife. Brian, 37, lives in Rochdale, Lan­cashire, with his girl­friend, PE teacher Danielle Parkin­son. He talks to us about friend­ships, fall­ing in love and his plans for the fes­tive sea­son…

‘I like Christ­mas to be ab­so­lutely over the top!

I even like the TV com­mer­cials, they get me buzzing for it. I love the tree to be full of dec­o­ra­tions, snow on the win­dows, and Santa Claus and a rein­deer in the gar­den. I really en­joy buy­ing presents for my kids and my fam­ily and I al­ways love lis­ten­ing to Now That’s What I Call Christ­mas – I start lis­ten­ing to it in Novem­ber!’

‘When it comes to pre­sent­buy­ing, I’m an early plan­ner.

I’ll see some­thing and think, “That’ll be good for Christ­mas,” and buy it and then try to hide it some­where. That doesn’t work with my daugh­ters though, be­cause teenage girls change their minds every five min­utes, so I usu­ally leave them un­til the last minute.’

‘Keith Duffy is my best mate and we do ev­ery­thing to­gether.

Even when we’re not gig­ging, we’re play­ing golf, or go­ing to the gym, or for a pint. We were al­ways friends, but since Boy­zlife we’ve be­come like broth­ers.’

‘There was lots of drink­ing in Westlife but there weren’t lots of girls.

We were very young and Louis Walsh, our man­ager, is so pro­tec­tive of all his acts. So it was quite hard to even chat up girls. We came straight out of school into the band and we were buy­ing houses, get­ting mar­ried, hav­ing chil­dren. All the things that most peo­ple wouldn’t start think­ing about un­til their mid-20s, we were do­ing at 18.’

‘This year I’m spend­ing Christ­mas with my girl­friend Danielle in Lan­cashire.

We’ve been to­gether more than a year and we’re liv­ing to­gether; you can’t get more se­ri­ous than that. We clicked and quickly got very close. Every other year I spend Christ­mas with my daugh­ters at my mum and dad’s in Ire­land. This year they’re with their mum [Kerry Ka­tona].’

‘I like a person for who they are, not what they do, or where they

are from.

I met my girl­friend at a golf day – she is the best friend of my friend’s girl­friend. The fact that she’s not in the pub­lic eye means we get some pri­vacy – I like that we get left alone. She’s my best mate – we like a lot of the same things. I’d love to have more kids one day, par­tic­u­larly a son, so I can start him play­ing golf and foot­ball very young and live my dreams through him!’

‘I had Bo­tox once. I had a lit­tle above my eyes, but my face wouldn’t move – I’m never do­ing that again.

A friend of mine was get­ting it done, so I gave it a go. I looked weird. Yes, the wrin­kles had gone from my fore­head, but I looked like some of these peo­ple that I see in The Only Way

is Es­sex and they kind of look like a melted can­dle. So no more Bo­tox for me! I’m go­ing to try to age grace­fully now.’

‘I’m go­ing to age grace­fully’

‘I changed my name from Brian to Bryan when I was in Westlife be­cause my au­to­graph was tak­ing too long.

It was a stupid de­ci­sion made when I was 18. I kept hav­ing to ex­plain it and I just looked like an id­iot, so when I left Westlife I changed it back. Since cam­era phones came out, no one wants an au­to­graph – selfies have taken over.’

‘You won’t find me any­where near the kitchen on Christ­mas Day.

I grew up in an Ir­ish fam­ily and you’re not al­lowed near the kitchen un­til the din­ner is ready, al­though I did use to sneak in and eat things when they were raw! I’m a rub­bish cook – I can make scram­bled eggs and that’s about it. That’s be­cause I grew up with my mum do­ing ev­ery­thing. I love Christ­mas din­ner – I’ll eat turkey, stuff­ing, Brus­sels sprouts, roast pota­toes, mashed potato, car­rots, parsnips, tri­fle and Christ­mas pud­ding with cream. Then I’m in a coma on the couch watch­ing Home Alone!’

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