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If you recog­nise any of the house­hold crimes on this page, don’t be fooled like I have for close to 13 years. now I’ve rum­bled a man’s use of ‘strate­gic in­com­pe­tence’ to get him out of me­nial tasks around the house, I can see right through him. Can’t cook? of course he can! Can’t sort the laun­dry? Just try harder! Can’t or­der a food shop? Keep prac­tis­ing, you’ll get it in the end! You see, the truth is, women can play just as many games as men can when it comes to it. Some­thing Vinny him­self agreed when I fi­nally ac­cused him of de­lib­er­ately get­ting out of chores. Like how I can’t seem to iron a shirt un­til my own blouse needs do­ing. or how I refuse to strip the bed. ‘But I can’t stretch!’ I pro­claim, and yet I have no trou­ble reach­ing the bis­cuits at the top of the cup­board. So to avoid an­other do­mes­tic stand­off we’ve both agreed to try harder. I’ve promised to iron more shirts, while Vinny’s agreed to fill the dish­washer more of­ten. In the­ory, we’re go­ing to set a per­fect ex­am­ple of do­mes­tic equal­ity. In re­al­ity... I give it a week.

After 13 years, we’ve reached a com­pro­mise

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