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(Choose one, all serve four)

✱ Quick chicken chas­seur: Spray a fry­ing pan with low-calo­rie cook­ing spray and place over a medium heat. Cut 8 back ba­con rash­ers, (all vis­i­ble fat re­moved), into large chunks and stir-fry for 2 min­utes or un­til start­ing to brown. Cut 4 skin­less and bone­less

chicken breasts into large chunks, add to the pan and stir-fry for 3-4 min­utes. In­crease the heat to high and add 200g baby but­ton mush­rooms, 2 chopped shal­lots, 2 chopped gar­lic cloves, 2 chopped to­ma­toes and 300ml boil­ing chicken stock. Bring to the boil and sim­mer for 12-15 min­utes or un­til thick­ened and bub­bling, stir­ring of­ten. Sea­son, add splash of worces­ter­shire sauce and scat­ter over 2tbsp chopped fresh pars­ley. Serve with po­ta­toes mashed with a lit­tle stock and veg­eta­bles.

✱ Lamb ke­babs with pasta salad: mix zest and juice of 2 un­waxed lemons, 3 crushed gar­lic cloves, 2tsp each dried mint and oregano and a lit­tle sea­son­ing in a wide bowl. cut 600g lean lamb leg steaks (all vis­i­ble fat re­moved), into chunks, add to bowl and mar­i­nate for 30 min­utes. mean­while, cook 350g dried pasta shapes ac­cord­ing to pack in­struc­tions, drain and mix with 1 diced cu­cum­ber, 200g quar­tered cherry to­ma­toes, 1 roughly chopped red onion, 2tbsp fat-free vinai­grette and 1tsp dried oregano. Thread the lamb onto 8 metal skew­ers and cook un­der a medi­umhigh grill for 7-8 min­utes, turn­ing oc­ca­sion­ally. Serve with the cooked pasta salad.

✱ Herbed pork with minted cous­cous: Put 300g plain cous­cous in a bowl and add 1 chopped car­rot, 1 chopped roasted red pep­per in brine from a jar, 4 chopped to­ma­toes and 6 sliced spring onions. Pour over 375ml hot veg stock, cover with cling film and stand for 15 min­utes. mean­while, mix zest and juice of 1 lemon and 1tsp each onion gran­ules, ground co­rian­der and dried mixed herbs. Rub mix­ture over 4 large or 8 small pork steaks, (all vis­i­ble fat re­moved), and sea­son. Cook pork on a hot grid­dle for 2 min­utes each side then roast at 200C/gas 6 for 5 min­utes or un­til cooked. Chop 50g baby spinach and some fresh mint, fork it through cous­cous and top with pork.

✱ Salmon kedgeree: cook 300g dried bas­mati rice ac­cord­ing to the pack in­struc­tions, adding 2tbsp curry pow­der while it cooks. Drain well. mean­while, put 4 skin­less salmon fil­lets in a wide pan, cover with boil­ing wa­ter and a lid and sim­mer for 10 min­utes or un­til cooked. Lift out and flake fish, dis­card­ing any fine bones, and add to drained rice along with 8 thinly sliced spring onions and 2tbsp each chopped pars­ley and co­rian­der. Sea­son, stir and top each plate with half a boiled egg and co­rian­der sprigs. Serve with lemon wedges and salad.

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