Real Life We’re hap­pier sin­gle!

Gone are the days when a wo­man wanted to find ‘the one’ and set­tle down. In fact, 61% of Bri­tish women say they’re happy go­ing solo...

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Whether it’s em­brac­ing your free­dom or pri­ori­tis­ing your ca­reer, there are many rea­sons why women are choos­ing to go it alone.

Psy­chol­o­gist Sue Firth (sue­ can see the ap­peal. ‘Be­ing on your own can be in­cred­i­bly em­pow­er­ing,’ she ex­plains. ‘You don’t have to al­low for some­one else’s whims, you don’t have to com­pro­mise, you have com­plete con­trol. Giv­ing up your sin­gle sta­tus shouldn’t be done lightly. Life is too short to set­tle for just any­one!’ These three proud sin­gle­tons from three dif­fer­ent gen­er­a­tions agree...

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