are my lumps nor­mal?

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Q I have been read­ing a lot about breast can­cer checks and the im­por­tance of ex­am­in­ing your­self, and mine sort of feel lumpy all over. How do I know what is a nor­mal lump and what isn’t? Philippa says:

a Lots of women do have dif­fusely lumpy breasts – these are of­ten very small lumps and bumps, which sort of feel like a lot of small frozen peas un­der the sur­face. This is called nodu­lar breasts and as long as this is what they have al­ways felt like, and it is on both sides, nodu­lar­ity is of­ten nor­mal. If it is on one side only, feels like a re­cent change or if you’re sim­ply not sure, then see your doc­tor who will be able to ex­am­ine and as­sess you. If your doc­tor is re­as­sured that there’s no cur­rent is­sue with your breasts then please do keep ex­am­in­ing your­self reg­u­larly as you’ll get used to what you should nor­mally feel like – so you’ll be bet­ter able to recog­nise if there has been a change such as a new lump or thick­en­ing. Your lo­cal GP may re­fer you to a breast clinic for some fur­ther in­ves­ti­ga­tions, which may in­volve hav­ing an ul­tra­sound and mam­mo­gram.

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