Turn my hobby into a ca­reer

Af­ter years of strug­gling with self-con­fi­dence, Corinne Mur­phy bounced her way to a hap­pier life...

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ump­ing up and down to the beat, I put my hands on my hips and bring my knees up. It’s Jan­uary 2018 and I’m work­ing up a sweat dur­ing an ex­er­cise class I’m teach­ing, where the 20 par­tic­i­pants and I have been bounc­ing on mini tram­po­lines for an hour. I love that fit­ness is my job, but it’s not some­thing I ever planned, and af­ter 15 years work­ing in the cor­po­rate world, it was the least likely ca­reer choice.

I’d strug­gled with body con­fi­dence since be­ing a chubby 11-year-old back in 1980. Peo­ple started mak­ing snide com­ments about the amount of food on my plate, so in Jan­uary 1981 I started skip­ping break­fast, pick­ing at my school lunches and at home would sneak­ily feed my meals to the fam­ily dog.

Within a few months,

Mum no­ticed I was los­ing weight and be­came wor­ried, in­sist­ing I eat in front of her.

That’s when I dis­cov­ered a love of ex­er­cise, and would do sit ups, press ups and squats in my bed­room. My strug­gle with my self-es­teem con­tin­ued as I got older though, and I was al­ways on a diet, but af­ter qual­i­fy­ing as a char­tered sur­veyor at 22, I con­cen­trated on my de­mand­ing ca­reer in Lon­don. By the time I mar­ried Pa­trick, then 35, in 2000, I was eat­ing bet­ter and was a healthy size eight to 10.

Our daugh­ter El­lena was born three months pre­ma­ture in June

2002 and spent nine weeks in an in­cu­ba­tor.

JPa­trick and I had dev­as­tat­ingly lost a baby at 20 weeks the year be­fore, and it was a heart­break­ing and anx­ious time.

Hav­ing this tiny baby who needed me so much made me make some changes, and I started work­ing from home, fo­cus­ing on El­lena and then Thomas, too, when he came along in Oc­to­ber 2004.

In 2008, I was made re­dun­dant so started work­ing with my dad, Gerry, then 69, at his out­door kart cir­cuit. Over the next years my con­fi­dence is­sues resur­faced. I didn’t eat prop­erly, felt drained of en­ergy and while I main­tained a size 10, I didn’t feel healthy, and missed hav­ing a ca­reer.

I was at a real low when, in Septem­ber 2017, my per­sonal trainer con­vinced me to try a tram­po­line fit­ness class. I’d avoided ex­er­cise classes pre­vi­ously be­cause the thought of walk­ing into a room full of strangers filled me with dread. Yet, de­spite not be­ing a nat­u­ral dancer and strug­gling to jump in time to the mu­sic, I loved it. Af­ter just that one les­son, I had a crazy idea – maybe I could be­come an in­struc­tor too?

Not only would it keep me fit, it would give me a new vo­ca­tion I could have fun do­ing. The fol­low­ing month I com­pleted a day-long teach­ing course, and that December, I ner­vously taught my first class in Faver­sham, at the same stu­dio I’d had my first les­son. Pa­trick came and said I was like a dif­fer­ent per­son with the con­fi­dence I ex­uded.

Ex­cited, I took on more classes, and the more I taught, the more my self-es­teem soared. My diet nat­u­rally im­proved as I had to keep my en­ergy up, and tram­polin­ing made fit­ness fun.

In Fe­bru­ary 2019, I used my sav­ings, open­ing two tram­po­line fit­ness stu­dios and a third in Au­gust. Now, I have two other in­struc­tors, and teach up to seven classes a week. I never thought I had it in me to stand in front of peo­ple and per­form, keep­ing them ac­tive and mak­ing them feel good. The ex­pe­ri­ence has taught me how much I’m ca­pa­ble of. Fi­nally, at 51, I have the self be­lief I al­ways longed for and am, quite lit­er­ally, jump­ing for joy.


The busi­ness ex­panded to in­clude other in­struc­tors Corinne has re­alised what she is ca­pa­ble of For more on Corinne’s stu­dios, visit bounc­e­fit­body. com

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