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| Cranberry HEALTH REPORT Why my bladder problems secret for years! I kept Bladder problems can strike at anytime but they are particular­ly prominent for women who have had children and hit the age of 50. For men, bladder problems are more common over the age of 40... a “Biovit has given my independen­ce.” me back Helen, Doncaster Bladder control was ruining my life... then I discovered Biovit Miracle Cranberry Dennis not from North Devon says: “It’s just something that men talk about. I kept my bladder problems a secret for years and years, even from my wife and closest friends. I would reduce my liquid intake to ensure that my bladder didn’t cause me pain or an embarrassi­ng situation. Also, after I went to the toilet I hadn’t actually finished going. This problem was really embarrassi­ng. It caused all sorts of issues especially I was out and about. I read me when about the benefits of cranberry and it something use didn’t want my wife knowing or realising that I was using something to help me with bladder issues. It’s not the sort of sounded ideal. I wanted that was easy to and also 100% discreet. I or friends I N this special report we talk to two readers who have suffered from bladder health problems and how helped them get on with their daily routines without the worry or embarrassm­ent of bladder control problems. Opposite, Dennis from Devon explains why he kept his bladder problems a secret not only from his friends, but from his wife, too! But first, 55-year-old mum of two, Helen from Doncaster explains how she regained her independen­ce from her struggle of bladder problems. “As every woman knows, after childbirth your bladder control is never the same again! My problems seemed to get worse as the years went by, with discomfort, toilet trips, feeling bloated with often painful cramps. “For years I thought that it was just a way of life. To avoid any embarrassi­ng problems, my daily routine was based around my toilet times. It worked out okay most of the time, but I was caught out occasional­ly due to a lack of toilet facilities in the vicinity. “I’d even tried the bladder control pants but I didn’t like them – they were not for me! “My best friend had bladder problems, too, at around the same time as I did, so she knew what I was going through. She told me how she’d discovered which was excellent in her opinion. “She told me how cranberry has been used for centuries to treat urinary tract infections, and that all I had to do was take 2 tablets a day and the fast acting formula would go to work naturally. She also reassured me that is a totally drug-free formula, so I knew it wouldn’t cause issues with my other medication­s.” “I had to try something to stop my bladder problems and this sounded ideal. No tricky procedures and no exercise regime to follow, which at my age just wasn’t an option! “Within days I could feel the healing properties of the cranberry going to work. My bladder was less sensitive and sore. Over the next few weeks I noticed such an improvemen­t. “Today, my life is no longer controlled by toilet breaks and I feel normal and active again...what a relief!” Biovit Miracle Biovit Miracle Cranberry Cranberry “It’s so easy to and 100% discreet” use thing that men discuss a while having a pint down Miracle Cranberry take difference a few days later when confident and didn’t even think about where the nearest toilet work automatica­lly! I’m now which is such a great feeling. over a round of golf or the local. The Biovit is so easy to use. I simply two tablets a day. I first noticed the I felt more Biovit Miracle Cranberry was. Brilliant...the tablets in control again “It’s the not sort of thing that men discuss over pint...” CRANBERRY Key benefits Cranberry tablets are used by women and men seeking to help prevent urinary tract infections (UTIS) Can also be used to help maintain bladder control The high levels of proanthocy­anidin anti-oxidants (PACS), prevents some bacteria from adhering to the urinary tract walls a Dennis from North Devon SAVE STAY AT PROTECT THE 8524 0800 158 HOME LIVES NHS Call Our Telephone Order Hotline Or visit: www.vytaliving.co.uk ORDER BY FREEPHONE NOW: 1. CALL OUR UK CALL CENTRE 2. ORDER SECURELY VIA PHONE 3. WE DELIVER TO YOUR DOOR ORDER DIRECT BY PHONE - WE DELIVER TO YOUR DOOR VV1 PLEASE QUOTE OFFER CODE Your call order details are 100% SAFE AND PROTECTED. The safest way to order is online or via our call centre HALF PRICE! Post to: Vytaliving, Cranberry Offer Unit 2, Frederick Road, Hoo Farm Ind. Estate Kiddermins­ter, Worcesters­hire DY11 7RA VV1 PLEASE QUOTE PLEASE SEND ME THE FOLLOWING TABLETS OFFER CODE MIRACLE CRANBERRY TABLETS ORDER NOW! HALF PRICE WHILE STOCK LASTS: 1 Month’s Supply = £14.99 + £2.95 = £17.94 OR SAVE AN EXTRA £5.00 WHEN YOU DOUBLE-UP: 2 Month’s Supply = £24.98 + £2.95 = £27.93 OR SAVE £17.95 WITH OUR 3 MTH OFFER: 3 Month’s Supply = £29.97 + £2.95 = £32.92 BESTSELLER! SAVE £57.97! 5 MTH SUPPLY + 2 MTHS FREE: 7 Month’s Supply = £49.91 + FREE p&p £ I enclose cheque/po payable to Vytaliving for the amount of OR charge my VISA / MASTERCARD credit/debit card number: NOW ONLY RRP £29.99 - £14 .99 USE DISCOUNT CODE VV1 POWERFUL DRUG FREE NATURAL REMEDY VEGAN FRIENDLY FOR MEN & WOMEN PREVENTS URINARY TRACT INFECTIONS Expiry Date Security Code + P&P SIGNATURE: 30-DAY SUPPLY Title: Name: Address: Postcode: PLEASE ADD TELE NO FOR COURIER/DELIVERY UPDATES Tel No Follow us on: vytaliving vytaliving FREE DELIVERY SERVICE (within 7 working days) 14-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! Delivery normally within one week, but please allow 28 days. If you do not wish to receive other interestin­g offers from our carefully selected partners please tick this box . 14 day refund. If you’re not delighted with your Cranberry return for refund (less P&P), in its original condition and packaging to Vytaliving, Unit 2, Frederick Road, Hoo Farm Estate, Kiddermins­ter, Worcesters­hire DY11 7RA. Used items cannot be refunded or returned due to hygiene. 9MM EASY SCAN ME TO SWALLOW

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