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Spritz on: MUSKS

scent and se­duc­tion go hand in hand. we don’t want to turn this into a bi­ol­ogy lesson, but musk notes mir­ror sex hor­mones, so look for a fra­grance with a warm, sen­sual touch. spritz your per­fume on your col­lar­bone and dé­col­letage. It will help you feel sexy, plus the fra­grance will set­tle in the body’s nat­u­ral dip to max­imise your se­duc­tion.

Bot­tle It!

Char­lotte TIL­BURY SCENT of a dream, £68, Char­lotte TIL­BURY.COM, pro­fesses to alter the mind with notes of at­trac­tion. a truly sexy flo­ral, the ‘pheromone’-in­spired base is ac­ti­vated by body heat. BEY­ONCE heat Se­duc­tion Eau de toi­lette, £24.95, is warm, sen­sual and in­tense with musk and am­ber.

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