Jim Moir: I’ve been a fan of Cor­rie for­ever!’

De­spite be­ing one of the most pop­u­lar co­me­di­ans in the UK, Jim Moir – aka Vic Reeves – has con­fessed that he’s never been more ner­vous than he was for his lat­est role, join­ing the Corona­tion Street cob­bles! Jim, 58, who lives in Kent with his wife Nancy S

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On per­form­ing ‘It’s good to get ner­vous about things’

Hey Jim! So how did the part in Corona­tion Street come about? About three years ago I bumped into the Corona­tion Street pro­ducer Stu­art Black­burn and he asked if I would ever con­sider do­ing Cor­rie. He left the soap, then Bob [Mor­timer] and I were on tour and one night there was a note on my dress­ing-room door from the new pro­ducer Kate Oates, say­ing, ‘Would you like to be in Cor­rie? Give me a ring.’ I bumped into her at a tele­vi­sion awards night and said, ‘Yeah, I would please.’

Is it a dream come true? Pretty much, be­cause I’ve been a fan of Cor­rie for­ever. My wife said, ‘You could play Nor­ris’ son.’ And I said, ‘No, I’m too old.’ And then it got out that I was go­ing to play Nor­ris’ son, but that was never the case.

Where does it rank in your ca­reer? I re­mem­ber when Dizzy got to Num­ber One in 1991. That was quite a high­light. Be­ing on Top Of The Pops was pretty good and this is prob­a­bly equal to that.

Were you ner­vous on your first day on the cob­bles? Yeah. My 11-year-old daugh­ters are go­ing to big school and I said, ‘I’ve beaten you to it. You’ll get ner­vous go­ing to big school, but I’m go­ing to big school as well.’ It’s your first day with a lot of peo­ple who all know each other and who’ve all acted to­gether.

So even though you’ve been in show busi­ness for 30 years, you still get anx­ious? I think if you didn’t you’d be cocky and that’s wrong. You’d have a big ego and think that you were above

stuff. I think it’s good to get ner­vous about ev­ery­thing.

What was your first scene like? I had a nice easy scene. I say easy – I had to drive a car out­side the Kabin and stop. And I had shoes on that had very long pointed toes. It was a re­ally nice car – a Sun­beam Tiger – but I couldn’t op­er­ate the ped­als too well be­cause of the length of the shoes!

Who were you most ex­cited to meet? I think I was most ex­cited to see the street it­self. It’s like the first time you go to New York and you see those build­ings and you go, ‘I’ve seen them in films! It’s all real.’

Are your kids Cor­rie fans? They came to visit me yes­ter­day and I showed them the street be­cause we watch it all the time!

You’re known as Jim Moir rather than Vic Reeves for this – why is that? I am al­ways Jim Moir in ev­ery­thing I do, un­less I am do­ing some­thing with Bob, then I’m Vic Reeves. That’s what I stick with. It just gets con­fus­ing oth­er­wise.

What is your char­ac­ter Colin like? He’s not as creepy as I orig­i­nally thought. He’s a wheel­erdealer and an op­por­tunist – he’s very driven and he works for this string of newsagents. He’s a bit of a lothario and he wears th­ese large suits and colour­ful shirts and very pointy shoes. He thinks he’s a wag. He’s great fun to play.

Have you any sug­ges­tions for him? The first scene I did, I de­cided to do an ex­ag­ger­ated point, and I said my line, ‘Is this shop owned by Nor­ris Cole?’ and they re­ally liked it, so I’ve got some ex­ag­ger­ated point­ing!

Do you think it will bring new view­ers to Cor­rie if your fans start watch­ing? I don’t know, it might do. We’ll see if the fig­ures go up by three!

If you have a day to your­self how do you like to spend it? I paint. I’ve got a big show at the Grosvenor Gallery in Lon­don at the mo­ment. I’ve swapped tips with Con­nor Mcin­tyre [who plays Pat Phe­lan], who also paints, but his stuff is deep. I’m quite light. He said, ‘We should have an art talk.’ And I said, ‘Yeah. It’s al­ways best over a light ale.’ And he said, ‘Or a sparkling wa­ter.’ I don’t want to get that deep into it!

What other work do you have on? We have just done a Vic & Bob’s Big Night Out. That was a one-off, so we’re go­ing to have a meet­ing with the BBC about maybe do­ing some more. And other bits and pieces. To be hon­est, I can’t re­mem­ber. Corona­tion Street ab­so­lutely drains my mind of any other thoughts – half my brain is think­ing of the lines I have to learn.

If Corona­tion Street was to carry on for you, would you be up for it? I live in Kent, so it’s a bit of a trek to get to work. I’ve got other things to do, but if it’s kept open you never know, do you? I have spo­ken to peo­ple who said they came for a week and stayed for­ever.

Jim with his com­edy part­ner Bob Mor­timer...

...and with his wife Nancy

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