good for you: 3 rea­sons why pump­kins are so great

3 rea­sons why pump­kins are so great

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Hal­loween might be over, but this or­ange veg­etable is still the per­fect su­per­food. Here’s why…

1. Boost bone health and im­mu­nity

They’re packed with vi­ta­min C, which pro­duces col­la­gen for healthy bones, and they boost im­mu­nity, with one serv­ing con­tain­ing four times your daily quota of an­tiox­i­dant vi­ta­min A.

2. Lower choles­terol and re­duce menopausal symp­toms

Stud­ies show just 2g of pump­kin seed oil per day for 12 weeks in­creases ‘good’ HDL choles­terol and re­duces blood pres­sure in older women. Pump­kins may also re­duce menopausal symp­toms such as hot flushes, headaches and joint pain.

3. Low cal and pro­tein packed

Pump­kins are nu­tri­ent dense, packed with fi­bre, vi­ta­mins A, C, and E, and an­tiox­i­dants. The seeds are a source of pro­tein, mag­ne­sium, and healthy mo­noun­sat­u­rated fats. Try Na­ture’s Plus Pump­kin Seed Pro­tein (£22.50, na­ture­s­

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