His blood pres­sure is too low!

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Q My dad has been on blood-pres­sure pills for years and af­ter much nag­ging, he has fi­nally ad­dressed his un­healthy life­style and has lost two stone in weight. He has been hav­ing dizzy spells and when I checked his blood pres­sure with my home mon­i­tor his blood pres­sure was very low. Should he stop his pills? A His weight loss may well mean that he no longer needs his med­i­ca­tion but I wouldn’t rec­om­mend him stop­ping any pre­scribed medicines with­out speaking to his doc­tor. Get him to make a note of sev­eral home read­ings at dif­fer­ent times on dif­fer­ent days and take them (and your mon­i­tor) in to show his GP so that they can de­cide what, if any, treat­ment he still needs.

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