The good, the bad, the ugly

There are plenty of pros and cons to caf­feine…

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If your in­take of caf­feine is too high, you may ex­pe­ri­ence… ✱ Shakes and anx­i­ety, due to an over­stim­u­la­tion of adren­a­line. ✱ In­som­nia, if you drink too much, or drink too much be­fore bed­time. Caf­feine can stay in your sys­tem for around four to five hours. ✱ Di­ges­tive prob­lems. You might ex­pe­ri­ence an ur­gency to pass a bowel mo­tion or di­ar­rhoea, due to over­stim­u­la­tion of the peri­staltic move­ments in the bowel. Caf­feine can also cause in­di­ges­tion and nau­sea. ✱ A di­uretic ef­fect. Some be­lieve caf­feine can mildly stim­u­late the blad­der, mean­ing you need to uri­nate more fre­quently.

But on the other hand… As well as pro­vid­ing quick bursts of en­ergy or alert­ness, one study** showed that cof­fee can help con­trol move­ment among peo­ple with Parkin­son’s dis­ease. Re­search also shows that cof­fee can help pro­tect against liver dam­age. Fi­nally, cof­fee can re­duce our ap­petite, plus it con­tains chloro­genic acid, which slows down car­bo­hy­drate ab­sorp­tion as well as stim­u­lat­ing the hor­mone ep­i­neph­rine, which helps break down fat.

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