Menopause moan


Aargh! I’m sick and tired of other women im­ply­ing that the menopause is such a de­bil­i­tat­ing ill­ness that we all be­come use­less wrecks when we hit our late 40s. Yet an­other sur­vey (yawn!) has re­vealed that us women are so un­pre­pared for the side ef­fects of our pe­ri­ods stop­ping that we have to give up work and/or de­serve spe­cial­ist dis­pen­sa­tion from the boss. No! My mid­dle-aged brain func­tions just as well as the aver­age mid­dleaged man’s, thank you very much. Prob­a­bly bet­ter. It’s time peo­ple stop treat­ing older women like in­valids and start see­ing us for what we are – women with a life time of ex­pe­ri­ence and a hel­luva lot of com­mon sense.

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