You Do Kegel Ex­er­cises…

But Do Them While You Wee

Woman's Weekly (UK) - - Short Story By Gabrielle Mullarkey -

One in three women suf­fer from stress in­con­ti­nence – ac­ci­den­tal uri­nary leaks that hap­pen as a re­sult of a weak pelvic floor. In or­der to strengthen these mus­cles, you’re of­ten ad­vised to imag­ine stop­ping your flow of urine. But this is just a method to lo­cate the mus­cles – you shouldn’t ac­tu­ally do the ex­er­cises while wee­ing, says Dr Ruth Ma­her (re­storethe­ ‘It can lead to in­com­plete blad­der evac­u­a­tion, which in turn can lead to in­fec­tions.’ To strengthen the pelvic floor, it’s cru­cial that the mus­cles are fully con­tracted and then fully re­laxed, rather than merely con­tracted.

Sit com­fort­ably and slowly squeeze and pull up the mus­cles, holding for a few sec­onds be­fore re­leas­ing.

Try 10 times in a row with­out tight­en­ing your stom­ach, but­tock or thigh mus­cles.

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