Why gums mat­ter

Good oral health is about more than your teeth

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1 gum dis­ease is an in­fec­tion that could in­crease your risk of heart dis­ease. Plaque bac­te­ria can cause gum dis­ease which, if left unchecked, could in­crease the lev­els of in­flam­ma­tion in other ar­eas of your body, such as the heart. 2 early di­ag­no­sis is es­sen­tial to avoid long-term dam­age. Pe­ri­odon­ti­tis is a se­ri­ous con­di­tion which can dam­age the soft tissue and bone sup­port­ing the teeth, caus­ing them to fall out. Talk to your den­tist if your gums are sore, or bleed when you brush. 3 Keep bac­te­ria at bay with care­ful oral hy­giene. Make sure you brush your teeth gently twice a day, and use TePe In­ter­den­tal Brushes to re­move plaque and food trapped be­tween the teeth. This will pre­vent the build-up of bac­te­ria, and keep gums healthy.

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