Pine Cone Birdies

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Ap­ply a blob of hot glue to the top flat part of a pine cone and press a poly­styrene ball in place. Bend a small piece of pipe cleaner into a beak shape and glue on. Us­ing the im­age as a guide, bend a piece of florist wire into a zig-zag shape to form one foot. Leave a few cm for the leg, then wrap the wire tightly around the cone. Form a sec­ond foot and leg in the same way. Bend the wire un­til the pine cone bird stands. Use metal­lic and glit­ter spray paint to coat the bird and al­low to dry. Cut wings and a tail from glit­tery card and hot-glue on. Make the eyes by glue­ing on beads or se­quins, or draw­ing them on with a black marker pen.

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