‘I don’t think life has mean­ing, it must be nice to be­lieve in stuff’

Woman's Weekly (UK) - - Short Story By Alison Carter -

‘For 15 years.’

‘And that ended? Life’s tough; peo­ple muck you about.’

‘It was good while it lasted.’ ‘Oh, well that’s nice.’ Emma frowned, and sighed. ‘Look, you can see how dif­fer­ent we are? You con­vince peo­ple that poltergeists live in ho­tel rooms on the seafront, for good­ness’ sake, and I’m a cynic.’

‘Does that mat­ter?’ Jim asked, but she was drink­ing up. sub­ject. I was in love for a long time, and I had a good mar­riage. It failed, but I be­lieve that love can show up any time.’

Emma was silent, and then Jim’s phone rang.

‘Oh, sorry,’ he said. ‘I have to take this.’

It was Kirsty. She could hardly speak with laryn­gi­tis.

‘Stay in bed,’ Jim said, then rang off.

‘No nun for to­mor­row then?’ Emma said.

‘It’s OK. I’ll just tell the

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