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Cut­tings can be taken from your pinks any time be­tween march and au­gust. se­lect strong, non-flow­er­ing shoots and tug them gen­tly from the main plant – the shoot should break eas­ily at a leaf joint, leav­ing you with four pairs of leaves. al­ter­na­tively trim the stem with a very sharp clean knife just be­low the leaf joint or node, so that you are left with a cut­ting 7-12cm long.

In­sert them around the edge of a clay pot filled with gritty com­post. aim to fit as many cut­tings in the pot as pos­si­ble with­out them touch­ing, then keep them un­cov­ered in a shaded cold frame to root.

Check the cut­tings daily, and al­though they must never be over­wa­tered, they should never be al­lowed to dry out ei­ther. af­ter they’ve rooted, which usu­ally takes about two to three weeks, they can be pot­ted on, hard­ened off and pinched out to make them bushy, be­fore plant­ing them out in the gar­den.

Pinks can also be grown from seed, pro­vided they are started in the warmth in­doors, then trans­planted af­ter the dan­ger of frost has passed.

Keep your cut­tings in a shaded spot

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