Re­mem­ber whose ex­ams they are

Woman's Weekly (UK) - - Short Story By Elizabeth Dale -

QMy son is do­ing his A lev­els this year, al­though you’d be hard pressed to be­lieve it as he’s do­ing no work. He says he is, but I can’t imag­ine when, as he’s ei­ther out or play­ing com­puter games. I’ve nagged till I’m blue in the face and noth­ing changes. We ar­gue all the time which is hor­ri­ble. What can I do?

Eve, Lon­don

AWhose A lev­els are they? Read­ing your ques­tion, I might well have con­cluded that the ex­ams you talk about are yours! I know they’re im­por­tant, and that, ide­ally, your son should be sit­ting at his desk swot­ting. How­ever, it is his choice and he’s the one who’ll have to bear the con­se­quences – of which I’m sure you’ve made him well aware.

Clearly, what­ever you’re do­ing isn’t work­ing, so it’s time to try some­thing dif­fer­ent to mo­ti­vate him. Why not just stop hav­ing a go? Some­times, just be­ing left alone en­ables some­one to do the very thing we’ve been nag­ging them about. Even if it doesn’t do the trick, it does mean that you and your son will have a more pleas­ant time and get on bet­ter with each other.

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