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you don’t have to dig a pond to en­joy the a wa­ter fea­ture – you could con­sider mak­ing a mini one in a wa­ter­tight pa­tio pot. here you’ll need to go for minia­ture va­ri­eties of wa­terlilies like Nymphaea helvola, which has tiny, yel­low, star-shaped flow­ers and mot­tled leaves, or Nymphaea odor­ata, which has mildly scented flow­ers.

Wa­ter fringe or float­ing heart is a joy­ous minia­ture mem­ber of the wa­terlily fam­ily that’s ideal for pots. It’s decked with a wealth of but­ter­cup-like flow­ers just 4cm across from July to septem­ber.

other suit­able plants are float­ing aquat­ics and aer­a­tors, plus the slim-fit, stripy-leaved rush ‘Ze­bri­nus’, to­gether with mini bul­rush, Typha min­ima.

a so­lar-pow­ered Pond In a Pot kit, cost­ing from £99, is avail­able from prim­ you can choose one with plants that at­tract wildlife, ones that will thrive in full sun­light, or others for semi-shade.

Make a mini pot­ted pond!

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