“The World’s First Win­ter Hardy Gar­de­nia... In­cred­i­bly Fra­grant - NOW HALF PRICE!”

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The FIRST EVER gar­de­nias for gar­dens, this col­lec­tion flow­ers all sum­mer-long, giv­ing you months of sweetly-fra­grant blooms – plus they're su­per-easy to main­tain, with glossy, ever­green leaves that add in­ter­est to any gar­den all year round!

Waves of beau­ti­ful, pure-white waxy flow­ers smother each plant through­out sum­mer – each with an in­tox­i­cat­ingly sweet, gar­den-fill­ing fra­grance that is prized by per­fume-mak­ers! Ever­green and very hardy, they’ll sur­vive tem­per­a­tures as low as -10°C, and with their glossy, ever­green fo­liage they’ll look great all year.

They're very easy to grow in pa­tio pots, thriv­ing for decades with no fuss! They pre­fer acidic soil, so use er­i­ca­ceous feed or com­post. Sup­plied as 3 well-es­tab­lished plants in 9cm pots – one of each shown. Height to 70cm. De­light­ful, snow-white, waxy sum­mer flow­ers Gor­geous, ex­cep­tion­ally sweet fra­grance

Bushy, small leaved, ever­green fo­liage

Win­ter hardy down to -10°C

‘Pin Wheel’: Nar­row, elon­gated petals.

NEW ‘Crown Jewels’: Fully dou­ble, rose-like flow­ers. ‘Kleim’s Hardy’:

Clas­sic sin­gle flow­ers - the first ever hardy Gar­de­nia!

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