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‘Dan­druff may in­di­cate that you’re low in the min­eral se­le­nium, and also vi­ta­min B6,’ says Suzie. ‘This is of­ten caused by an over­growth of yeast. So se­le­nium

de­fi­ciency can also make you more prone to fun­gal in­fec­tions gen­er­ally, such as fun­gal skin con­di­tions, thick, dis­coloured nails and thrush. Se­le­nium is also es­sen­tial for a healthy thy­roid, and re­cent stud­ies sug­gest that low lev­els may in­crease the risk of coro­nary heart dis­ease.

Fix it

Eat se­le­nium-rich foods – Brazil nuts (three a day), kid­ney, liver, fish, eggs, cheese, mush­rooms, sun­flower seeds, oats, nuts, chicken, turkey, beef, sal­mon, brown rice and whole­grain rye.

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