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Put to­gether a plan of nine ex­er­cises, split into sec­tions of three. Make sure the three ex­er­cises in each sec­tion vary so that you’re work­ing dif­fer­ent parts of your body. For ex­am­ple, your first three ex­er­cises could be press-ups, fol­lowed by burpees and then squat jumps. Do the first ex­er­cise for 20 sec­onds, have a 10-se­cond rest, then re­peat three more times. Once you’ve fol­lowed this for­mat for all three ex­er­cises in your first sec­tion, re­peat for a se­cond time be­fore mov­ing onto your next round of three ex­er­cises and so on. The Ath­let­ica class at F45 is dif­fer­ent ev­ery sin­gle time, so feel free to change this work­out up ev­ery time you do it. Equally, you can stick with the same cir­cuits for six weeks be­fore switch­ing it up if you want to mea­sure your progress.

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