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Ar­eas trained: HIPS, GLUTES, STOM­ACH Tech­nique Be­gin in down­ward-fac­ing dog, or on your hands and knees. Bring your right knee just to the out­side of your right wrist, plac­ing your right an­kle near your left wrist. Ex­tend your left leg be­hind you so your knee and the top of your foot are rest­ing on the floor. Press through your fin­ger­tips as you lift and lengthen your torso away from your thigh. Draw down through your front-leg shin and bal­ance your weight evenly be­tween your right and left hips. Press down through the tops of all five toes of the back foot. Look down­ward softly and hold for up to five min­utes. To re­lease the pose, tuck your back toes, lift your back knee off the mat, and then press your­self back into down­ward-fac­ing dog. Re­peat for the same amount of time on the other side.

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