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Ar­eas trained: STOM­ACH, HIPS, QUADS Tech­nique Be­gin kneel­ing on the floor with your knees to­gether and feet slightly wider than your hips, tops of the feet flat on the floor. Ex­hal­ing, sit down be­tween your feet. If your hips do not nat­u­rally come to the floor, sit on a block or a bol­ster. Once you feel com­fort­able, place your hands on the floor be­hind you. Lean your weight into your hands, then lower your el­bows and fore­arms to the floor (if you are sit­ting on the block, keep up­right). If you are con­fi­dent and com­fort­able, con­tinue to lower your­self all the way to the floor. Al­low your thigh bones to re­lease deep into your hip sock­ets. If lean­ing back is a chal­lenge stay in the up­right seated po­si­tion or use a bol­ster or pil­low to aid the back body in find­ing a place to land. Rest your arms at your sides. Tuck your chin slightly to­ward your chest, and softly gaze down the cen­tre line of your body. Hold the pose for up to two min­utes. As you gain flex­i­bil­ity, you can stay here for five to 10 min­utes. To re­lease the pose, press your weight into your fore­arms. Slowly come onto your hands, and gen­tly press your­self back to the start.

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