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Ar­eas trained: HIPS, LOWER BACK, IN­NER THIGHS Tech­nique From all fours, line your knees up with your hips and walk your knees as far apart as they will al­low com­fort­ably with­out strain­ing. The in­side of your feet should be touch­ing the ground, knees bent to 90-de­gree an­gles. In­hale, and elon­gate your spine by en­er­get­i­cally ex­tend­ing the crown of your head and your tail­bone in op­po­site di­rec­tions. Ex­hale, and while en­gag­ing your core, lower down to your fore­arms, mak­ing sure your el­bows are stacked right be­low your shoul­ders. Now soften your belly and al­low your hips to draw back and down. Stay here for five breaths or five min­utes, and breathe deeply to al­low the body to com­pletely re­lax.

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